Bright soul,is a rising artiste from the south,the known raffia city-In Akwa-Ibom State....
 he is an inspirational/motivational artiste always on the business of impacting life and creating positive impact with his music carrier.
                                     DO GOOD - Bright Soul
''DO GOOD'' is a reggae piece thats encourages doing good at all time of our life...
                                   DO GOOD - Bright Soul
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Lyrics: DO GOOD by Bright Soul

Intro. Am de messenger of Almighty Jah…hmmm yeah. Spiritually!
Me nice with this Gospel Jah given (unto me)³
This Gospel must to preach to all of Mankind nuh
Solo.1 In this life nobody wants to be a poor, poor man
Everybody wants to be a rich, rich man
The way this world is turning around me I don’t know why only Jah really know
If situation hold you down
Only Jah gives the right way
Cru ru Jah gah de Fe yeah
What a guan.
Everything is gonna be alright
Don’t give up tomorrow might be your time only Jah can serve you all.
Just, plead in Jah Almighty
He’s gonna be the One that break you through oh oh!!
That’s Why me sing this song
right here
Chorus 1
(Tell them)³ Almighty Jah don’t Judge like k man He will Judge everyone me let you know say we’re one Blood, Body and a Soul 2x
Solo 2.
I' read this story from the Bible
It tell us be strong in the part oh
At the end of the time, humanity will be so terrible
Every heart there will trouble
Even the faith of the Humble
Because there’s no simplicity
In the heart of every man
Them ma lack knowledge of Jah
Almighty last de I
Pru ru oh oh! (No repentance)²
In the heart of the hypocrite
Them a value money more than the Lord’s works
Brother have conscience of God concerning another man
Remember Rich Man and Lazurus, Rich Man say it to Lazurus I need a water drop from your finger man
This a message from Almighty Jah last de I (for you)² yeah
Chorus 2
(Do good)5x ye owo (with man) here, if you are a rich man rich man physically poverty is waiting for you spiritually 2x
(Chorus 1 repeat)2x
Chant verse 1
This is the message from book of Timothy chapter 4 for you oh!!
(Chorus 1 repeat)2x
Chant verse 2
Back in a de days o
(When life)2x was too brutal ya
Almighty Jah sent His son (to die)2x for me and you.
Who no go know now
Repentance knocking at your door open up your door received Jesus yo personal Savior give respect to Almighty Jah who keeps us Alive.
(Chorus.1) Repeated
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