Apostle. Lucky Realsam-Sex Awareness [lifestyle]


      Apostle. Lucky Realsam-Sex Awareness [lifestyle]

Apostle. Lucky Realsam is a Minister,serving in the God's Threshing Place.Akwa Ibom State Uyo.
   he is an inspiritional/Motivational inclined pastor a graduate of Music from the University of Uyo.

 Sex Awareness"is one of his most attractive and impressive Article so far in the passion of Education..
  this article was one of sermon during an All-night live Rehearsal at the God's Threshing Place,one the 9th-sept-2020 [tuesday].
  Being a deliverance Minister he was used mightily in the course of the ministration,Life's Were save and lots more.

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                 Sex Awareness

Purity- The Quality or state of being pure (immaculacy, innocence , modesty , chastity).
Sexual- a relationship between a man and a woman involved in reproducing young;
Sex without marriage is a sin against God’s holy commandments;
 Why Men gets weak easily is because they had given out the strength to Women. Also according to he/she he’s destroying he’s or her Soul.


  • Sex Is a spiritual activity.
  • Sex is a mystery
  • Sex is Covenant it must be made with only one person [Your husband/Wife].because blood is intensely involve.
  • Sex is an exchange of personality [in this phase the man loses and the woman gains].
  • The spirit departs.
  • Sex brings us under an unborn yoke.
  • It restricts you from the kingdom of God.

  • Your Christian testimony is affected.
  • It hinders Answers to prayers.
  • Your giving is Unfruitful
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