[NEW SONG]-MoniQue – Halleluyah All The Way (Audio+Lyrics)

[NEW SONG]-MoniQue – Halleluyah All The Way (Audio+Lyrics)

MoniQue debuts her latest track “Halleluyah All The Way” with an official video. directly from MoniQue’s third studio 14 track album “Working For Me” (2018).

just as she said, the song is a believer’s boast in  God and declares that we operate from answers even in prayer.
Let your Faith go ahead of you, confront every situation with confidence that your GOD is bigger. Mountains obey the Praise of GOD. Monique Says
‘Hallelujah All the Way’ Video directed by LexTen

       LYRICS:Halleluyah All The Way by MoniQue

Verse 1:
It doesn’t matter the trials that come my way It doesn’t matter the walls That stand my way It’s doesn’t matter the wind that blows this way Hallelujah is my song today
Pre Chorus:
Hallelujah victory every day
Hallelujah the answer when I pray
Hallelujah the rock on which I stay
Hallelujah is my song today Hallelujah,
hallelujah all the way Hallelujah hallelujah all the way (twice)
Verse 2:
Every day I sing a victory song every day I dance a victory dance Everyday na testimony day Hallelujah is my song today
Pre Chorus (Repeat)
Hallelujah every song we sing
Hallelujah I’m working in victory
Hallelujah favor’s all I see
Hallelujah is my song Sing hallelujah say…

Halleluyah All The Way by MoniQue [VIDEO]

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