[Audio+Lyrics] Ade Praise – Jesus You Do Well


                [Audio+Lyrics]  Ade Praise – Jesus You Do Well

 Multi-talented Gospel Rap Artist, ADE PRAISE is back with a brand new single of Thanksgiving to end the year in Gratitude to GOD for overcoming.

"JESUS YOU DO WELL" by the known "ADE PRAISE" is a lyrical fitted tune that shows deep appreciation to God for all his works. "HE’S the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). I MOST TO TELL O.

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     lyrics of Jesus You do Well


If I share my testimony
E go turn to ceremony
We go praise am till the morning
For the things he done for me
If I song is not enough
if I shots is not enough
For the things you done for me
For the things you done for me.


Jesus you do well o
Well well
You do well o
Well well

( verse 1)

I was in darkness when you shine the light
I was dead you brought me back to life
You gave me another life I never pay for
All I see is your mercy, blessing, favour.
What can I (ײ)
I give to you.
For everything you’ve done
You’ve done for me
I must too tell o..
You do me well o..

(Verse 2)
If I wan write about all he has done
80 leaves no go fit contain at all
My story like job
Regardless of everything I never lose hope
He saved my life when I got nobody
He stood by me when there was nobody
13 years of suffering like one in a prison
They told me to give up
13 years of failure.. they say I’m lazy
but yet I stay Focus
Now things turning around so amazing
Everything working for my good so amazing
I get heavenly father
I know day border
Now I’m walking in victory..
Moving from glory
From glory to glory
This Is My Story
How I finally break through
After everything I been through
Who did it ….Jesus
E shok you…. that true
If He do it for me
He can do it for you
that true
If he did it before he can do it again
That’s true
He’s the same yesterday today and forever
That is true
is time can never be your time
That’s true
But when is your time it’s become over time
That true
You do me will o
I most to tell o

( verse 3)

You’ve done what man can’t do
You put my enemy to shame What man thought is impossible
Excellent is your name

Even if I no fit dance
Even if I no fit sing
Even if I get money
I go praise you


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