Music: "Chimo" by Blessing Sylvester |


 Music: "Chimo" by Blessing Sylvester |

Abuja-based recording music worshiper and prophetess Blessing Sylvester who is also behind the voice of the song YOU has brought to you another chain-breaking song in the Igbo language titled CHIMO(MY GOD). Chimo is a worship song that was birthed out of reflection on how God has lifted his people from one stand to a higher standard. Chimo by Blessing Sylvester is a song of worship that will speak to everyone by helping them to reflect on their past lives and weighing the difference between their present and the past.

Due to life hustle we sometimes forget where God has brought us from, one way or the other God has done something great for us he may have given you a job, family, business, saved you from sickness or death or he may have just given you a testimony on your heart desires or possibly he showed up for you at the 11th hour to rescue you and we must never forget it or take it for granted.

Chimo by Blessing Sylvester is birthed to lift the souls of its listener.........

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