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PRUBABA'TV | GOSPEL IN THE BAR WITH PRUBABA 2020 edition |Gospelmusicentament

 PRUBABA'TV | GOSPEL IN THE BAR WITH PRUBABA 2020 edition |Gospelmusicentament

South-based gospel entertainer with the name "Prudent Utuk" popularly and widely known as PRUBABA" precisely based in Akwa Ibom State.

he has never been tired in the field of entertainment and have proof of commitment, PRUBABA-TV is an undoubtful outcome and result.

PRUBABA-TV has blown the minds of many and has stood in as the FACE ONLINE TV of Akwa Ibom State in the entertainment industry. 

  PRUBABA-TV is fixed on promoting and sounding out loud every good and creative content such as Videos, Music, Comedies, ETC.

briefly, It's nice to know and note that the known Prudent Utuk is an online, Radio, and Event presenter.
he has proudly gone on  air with most outstanding OAP [On Air Personalities] such as Etop Ikon, Eno Michael, Ruth Iwuala, Progress Effiong


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